When We Were Small

2012 oil on linen48 x 48 inches

When We Were Small


Way back then

When we were small

We were together through it all.

Then, you were gone.

To go on, my instinct

Erased every trace of you.

But a seed of remembrance

Remained, unnamed

Growing slowly

Eating away

The charred embers of my resistance,

Allowing me to love.

Somehow, I still stand

With flower in hand

And heart,

Tethered always somehow

To the vague memory of our start in life together.

This memory is a faint force

Unrelenting in its haunting.

When I risk being crushed by sadness,

I see it as a source of all the sweetness

I have to give.

Help me to forgive myself

That way back then when we were small

I had to let you go at all.

Trixie Pitts 2017 (since 2009)